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  Orchard Services has been providing on farm agronomic advice since 1988.  Specifically in the areas of pest management, crop nutrition, water monitoring and the use of specialty crop products to enhance production and quality  (eg Extenday, crop thinners, Regalis).

Pest Management • Fruit pests monitored include... western flower thrips, plague thrips, apple dimpling bugs, Queensland fruit flies, codling moths, light brown apple moths, woolly and apple aphid. Vegetable pests monitored include... Heliothis, diamond back moth, cabbage centre grub, cabbage white butterfly, cluster caterpillar, aphids, western flower thrips, two spotted mites and Rutherglen bugs.
  Crop Nutrition • Recommendations are given based on soil and leaf analysis, visual assessments combined with local knowledge and experience.
  Soil Water Monitoring and irrigation advice • For tree, vine and vegetable crops based on Measurement Engineering Australia's advanced GBug technology.

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Due to the need for a regular on-farm presence, agronomic advice can only be offered to producers in the proximity of Orchard Services' base at Stanthorpe.
However short-term consulting and training on agronomic issues is available to producers and industry personal in other districts.

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